At Sittler we have always taken the long view, every project is treated like a LEED project.

The methods we employ for your deconstruction/demolition project cost no more than traditional demolition, but is much better for the environment.
We are dedicated to providing the best product for the project owner.
Instead of the cost - ask us about a recovery value model for your next project We start each project with a waste reduction and diversion plan, identify materials to be removed and where they will salvaged or recycled.

Sittler Demolition & Environmental offers it clients a fully intergrated pre-construction service including:
  • Pre-demolition advice
  • Permit consulting
  • Asbestos survey and removals
  • Deconstruction, Demolition and Industrial Decomissioning
  • Waste management audits, Waste reduction plans
  • Recycling of construction materials
  • Interior rip outs, Turnkey tenant space imrovements
  • Soil remediation